Nóng hō, Shanghai and 3DS 2.0

EMVCo 3D Secure 2.0Next week, we’re in Shanghai along with other EMVCo Technical Associates, member organizations, issuers and others who have a strong interest in reducing card-not-present fraud and the user friction often associated with online and mobile transactions. The new version of 3D Secure aims to accomplish this with security enhancements and an emphasis on risk-based authentication that can support a frictionless user experience.

While EMVCo will make the new specifications available on a royalty-free basis for anyone to download, it is not their role to develop and distribute an SDK that meets the specifications; it is up to each 3DS provider to develop an SDK per each card issuer’s specifications.

mSIGNIA has developed a 3DS 2.0 SDK that is currently being tested with a major issuer and EMVCo member organization. Our company is grounded in mobile identity and security, so we have applied our mobile expertise to develop specifications that will reduce fraud and user friction on mobile devices and digital wallets. A derivative of our patented iDNA Digital Biometric platform, our SDK for 3DS providers:

  • Meets EMVCo specifications;
  • Is optimized for resource-constrained devices; and
  • Analyzes additional data points for increased security.

Our SDK is available to all 3DS providers who are looking for a solution that is cost-effective, easy to implement and can go live in just a few weeks. mSIGNIA will keep the SDK up-to-date so you don’t have to worry about dedicating resources to ongoing OS updates. If you’re wondering why you should buy an SDK instead of building your own, we have some of the answers.

We are scheduling meetings in Shanghai and by webinar to demonstrate how our SDK works and how it can easily integrate into your ACS. If you’re interested, request a demo today and indicate whether you will be in Shanghai or prefer a demo via webinar.