The Friday Five — April 29, 2015

Some themes for this week: Will biometrics eventually replace the password? And how do you balance security with a positive user experience?

The conundrum: The user shouldn’t have to go out of their way to get accustomed to complicated new security procedures, but basic knowledge is essential for secure authentication. Surely someone has a solution for this … The Future of Authentication

The influx of new devices integrated with biometric sensors in the connectivity world and the emergence of new applications in the banking sector translates to an increase in overall market value. However, it also means that security concerns continue to increase. ABI Research predicts biometrics market to shift focus on banking, consumer electronics

Biometric technology could … mak(e) life easier for the average user and increase(e) security to offer banks peace of mind. This New Form of Biometric Authentication Might Actually Kill the Written Password

New mobile capture technology is proving extremely useful when it comes to preventing minors from purchasing and accessing age-restricted goods and services. Mobile’s role in ID verification for age-restricted merchants

On one side: having adequate controls in place to prevent transactions that violate U.S. sanctions. On the other side: customers whose innocuous payments are held up or blocked by automated screening that appears discriminatory. Venmo addresses blocked payments

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