The Friday Five – May 6, 2016

We’re skimming the news on authentication and fraud to give you the info that rises to the top. Here’s this week’s Friday Five:

As online sales fraud goes down, rejected orders are going up. More companies are looking at implementing 3Ds and two-factor phone authentication as fraud prevention techniques. E-retailers cut their fraud rate, but turn away more good customers

If the forecasts by Juniper Research are correct, e-tailers are going to need better fraud prevention as chip and PIN cards drive the bad guys online. Online transaction fraud on rise – study

Are your complex passwords “hiding” on sticky notes around your computer? Or have you just given up and actually use “password” for your password? It’s time to make the password unforgettable. And the Password Is…Password!

Behavioral authentication, digital biometric. Tomato, tomahto. Either way, when it comes to authentication, no one knows you like your smartphone. Behavioral Authentication: Your New Best Friend

To log in or not to log in? When it comes to mobile commerce, the answer isn’t clear. Shoppers are left to weigh the convenience vs disclosing personal information. Should Retailers Require Mobile Shoppers To Log In?



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