iDNA Merchant Solution Enhances EMVCo 3D-Secure Online Payment Experience and Security

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – 20 March 2018 – mSIGNIA, the leader in analytical authentication and inventor of Digital Biometrics, announces the iDNA Merchant Solution for EMVCo 3DS.  The iDNA platform is designed specifically so Merchants can easily support and enhance EMVCo’s 3DS version 2.1 specifications for secure online payment.

The ‘big new’ in 3DS-2 is mobile payments; the ‘big fix’ is a frictionless consumer experience. mSIGNIA was the first to release an iOS and Android mobile security SDK.  mSIGNIA’s designed-for-mobile SDK is invisible to the user, privacy compliant, conserves battery and reduces network traffic.  The 6thgeneration mSIGNIA SDK for iOS, Android and browsers is a ‘universal’ SDK (uSDK); enabling:

  • Merchants to integrate a single SDK in their mobile apps and website which supports EMVCo 3DS compliant payment networks and issuing banks
  • Issuing banks to register their risk-based authentication data requirements with the Merchant’s app so challenges are diminished, and more transactions are approved on the initial request

“mSIGNIA’s iDNA 3DS-2 solution was designed to nearly eliminate the need for merchants to challenge the consumer, a chief cause of transaction abandonment.  Two payment networks have already licensed mSIGNIA’s EMVCo 3DS solution to ensure an easy buying experience and reliable data access for their issuing banks,” said Paul Miller, CEO for mSIGNIA. “mSIGNIA’s ‘gateway’ design enables these features to be added to any compliant EMVCo 3DS merchant deployment.”

The iDNA Merchant Solution offers mSIGNIA’s patented security solutions as micro web services which merchants and other 3DS vendors can license to enhance 3DS-2 payments, including:

  • A 3DS Hybrid solution supports both 3DS v1 and v2 to accept more transactions
  • Payment Network selection allows a merchant to select the optimal pay rail for each transaction
  • App Point Protection protects eCommerce servers by detecting mobile malware risks to the OS and the merchant’s app
  • Digital Biometrics for two-factor authentication, analyzing over 1000 anonymized data signals
  • Associated Push replaces SMS OTP challenges for easier, safer risk-based authentication

mSIGNIA is recognized as a leader in mobile payment security, elected as a technical advisor to the EMVCo board and participating in EMVCo 3DS Early Adopter compliancy testing; the iDNA uSDK and 3DS Server will be certified compliant when certifications become available.

Merchants and 3DS vendors can contact mSIGNIA today at sales@mSIGNIA.comto arrange a demo of mSIGNIA’s iDNA merchant solution including its patented enhancements to EMVCo 3DS.

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