iDNA Merchant Solution Enhances EMVCo 3D-Secure Online Payment Experience and Security

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – 20 March 2018 – mSIGNIA, the leader in analytical authentication and inventor of Digital Biometrics, announces the iDNA Merchant Solution for EMVCo 3DS.  The iDNA platform is designed specifically so Merchants can easily support and enhance EMVCo’s 3DS version 2.1 specifications for secure online payment.

The ‘big new’ in 3DS-2 is mobile payments; the ‘big fix’ is a frictionless consumer experience. mSIGNIA was the first to release an iOS and Android mobile security SDK.  mSIGNIA’s designed-for-mobile SDK is invisible to the user, privacy compliant, conserves battery and reduces network traffic.  The 6thgeneration mSIGNIA SDK for iOS, Android and browsers is a ‘universal’ SDK (uSDK); enabling:

  • Merchants to integrate a single SDK in their mobile apps and website which supports EMVCo 3DS compliant payment networks and issuing banks
  • Issuing banks to register their risk-based authentication data requirements with the Merchant’s app so challenges are diminished, and more transactions are approved on the initial request

“mSIGNIA’s iDNA 3DS-2 solution was designed to nearly eliminate the need for merchants to challenge the consumer, a chief cause of transaction abandonment.  Two payment networks have already licensed mSIGNIA’s EMVCo 3DS solution to ensure an easy buying experience and reliable data access for their issuing banks,” said Paul Miller, CEO for mSIGNIA. “mSIGNIA’s ‘gateway’ design enables these features to be added to any compliant EMVCo 3DS merchant deployment.”

The iDNA Merchant Solution offers mSIGNIA’s patented security solutions as micro web services which merchants and other 3DS vendors can license to enhance 3DS-2 payments, including:

  • A 3DS Hybrid solution supports both 3DS v1 and v2 to accept more transactions
  • Payment Network selection allows a merchant to select the optimal pay rail for each transaction
  • App Point Protection protects eCommerce servers by detecting mobile malware risks to the OS and the merchant’s app
  • Digital Biometrics for two-factor authentication, analyzing over 1000 anonymized data signals
  • Associated Push replaces SMS OTP challenges for easier, safer risk-based authentication

mSIGNIA is recognized as a leader in mobile payment security, elected as a technical advisor to the EMVCo board and participating in EMVCo 3DS Early Adopter compliancy testing; the iDNA uSDK and 3DS Server will be certified compliant when certifications become available.

Merchants and 3DS vendors can contact mSIGNIA today at sales@mSIGNIA.comto arrange a demo of mSIGNIA’s iDNA merchant solution including its patented enhancements to EMVCo 3DS.

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mSIGNIA Elected as EMVCo Board Advisor

FRANKLIN, Tenn., January 15, 2018 — mSIGNIA, Inc., the leader in analytical authentication and inventor of Digital Biometrics, announced today that technical associate members of EMVCo elected mSIGNIA to be a representative to the EMVCo board of directors.  EMVCo’s board of directors is comprised of leaders from six global payment network companies:  American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, Mastercard®, UnionPay®and Visa®.

mSIGNIA joined EMVCo as a Technical Associate in December 2015 to aid in the design of EMV 3DS, the global security standard for online payments.  Several elements of the EMV 3DS final specification were direct results of mSIGNIA’s expertise in mobile security.  mSIGNIA’s EMV 3DS SDK for browsers, iOS®, and Android®and mSIGNIA’s 3DS Server for merchants were part of EMVCo’s Early Adopter testing program where leading EMVCo technical associates provided the first products for compliance testing validation.

In just a couple of years, EMVCo Technical Associates recognized mSIGNIA’s efforts, dedication, and leadership with their appointment to the board as one of their representatives. “3DS provides a frictionless user experience and secure online payments,” said Paul Miller, CEO of mSIGNIA, “mSIGNIA is proud to be part of the EMV 3DS effort and excited on continuing efforts within EMVCo.”

mSIGNIA offers several EMV 3DS products including a ‘universal’ SDK which increases the number of transactions approved, a complete EMV 3DS Server merchant solution enhanced with many microservices that are designed first for mobile and always for privacy.  Already, two of EMVCo’s board member companies have licensed mSIGNIA’s 3DS SDK for use within their EMV 3DS rollouts.

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PYMNTS Ranks mSIGNIA #3 in Device Intelligence Solutions

“The company’s software helps businesses limit risk, reduce fraud and enhance customer experiences within fastest-growing digital channels.”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The March 2018 edition of the Digital Identity Tracker™ by PYMNTS has ranked mSIGNIA #3 overall in Device Intelligence for digital identity solutions.

PYMNTS defines this category as the device fingerprint, IP geolocation, true app and device emulator features that a provider offers.

Over 150 Companies are featured in the Digital Identity Tracker. Companies are evaluated based on four primary criteria, including: Consumer Data, Device Intelligence, Transaction Behavior and MFA (Multi-factor Authentication).

The March edition from PYMNTS looks at how identification solutions are being evaluated by government agencies and workplaces around the world.

mSIGNIA is honored to be regarded so highly in the always evolving digital identity space.

Read the full report published by PYMNTS.

3D Secure 2.0 SDK Delivers Easier, More Secure Mobile Payments

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – October 4, 2016 – mSIGNIA, an EMVCo Technical Associate, today announced its 3D Secure 2.0 software development kit (SDK) which meets EMVCo’s draft specifications to make mobile payments more secure without disrupting the customer experience. mSIGNIA developed — and is currently testing — its 3DS 2.0 SDK in cooperation with an EMVCo member organization.

During last week’s EMVCo User Meeting in Shanghai, mSIGNIA CTO George Tuvell met with a number of representatives of 3DS providers, payment networks and card issuers. “Many of them saw the advantages of working with mSIGNIA over developing their own product,” said Tuvell. As a result, negotiations are underway to begin testing with several partners, including at least one other payment network.

Development of the 3DS 2.0 SDK began after the EMVCo User meeting in Copenhagen this summer. “That’s when we realized that while there are hundreds of SDK vendors, very few were ready to develop a solution that would work on mobile devices,” said Paul Miller, CEO of mSIGNIA. “mSIGNIA is grounded in mobile security and identity, we understand EMVCo’s technical specifications and we know that the only solution that will be widely adopted is one that not only reduces fraud, but also reduces the friction associated with the current 3DS protocol.”

While the current 3DS version reduces fraud for online card-not-present (CNP) transactions, it has not been widely adopted in the U.S. because related customer friction at checkout can lead to cart abandonment and lost sales. In addition, 3DS today does not support payments made via mobile device, including in-app and mobile website purchases, and digital wallets. The need to extend CNP fraud prevention to the mobile environment is critical as it has been projected that by 2020, mobile commerce will make up nearly half of total ecommerce transactions.

mSIGNIA’s 3DS 2.0 SDK is optimized for resource-constrained devices and analyzes additional data points for increased security. The SDK will enable issuers and 3D Secure providers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively integrate the mobile specifications into their own applications in time for the 2017 rollout of 3DS 2.0.

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Nóng hō, Shanghai and 3DS 2.0

EMVCo 3D Secure 2.0Next week, we’re in Shanghai along with other EMVCo Technical Associates, member organizations, issuers and others who have a strong interest in reducing card-not-present fraud and the user friction often associated with online and mobile transactions. The new version of 3D Secure aims to accomplish this with security enhancements and an emphasis on risk-based authentication that can support a frictionless user experience.

While EMVCo will make the new specifications available on a royalty-free basis for anyone to download, it is not their role to develop and distribute an SDK that meets the specifications; it is up to each 3DS provider to develop an SDK per each card issuer’s specifications.

mSIGNIA has developed a 3DS 2.0 SDK that is currently being tested with a major issuer and EMVCo member organization. Our company is grounded in mobile identity and security, so we have applied our mobile expertise to develop specifications that will reduce fraud and user friction on mobile devices and digital wallets. A derivative of our patented iDNA Digital Biometric platform, our SDK for 3DS providers:

  • Meets EMVCo specifications;
  • Is optimized for resource-constrained devices; and
  • Analyzes additional data points for increased security.

Our SDK is available to all 3DS providers who are looking for a solution that is cost-effective, easy to implement and can go live in just a few weeks. mSIGNIA will keep the SDK up-to-date so you don’t have to worry about dedicating resources to ongoing OS updates. If you’re wondering why you should buy an SDK instead of building your own, we have some of the answers.

We are scheduling meetings in Shanghai and by webinar to demonstrate how our SDK works and how it can easily integrate into your ACS. If you’re interested, request a demo today and indicate whether you will be in Shanghai or prefer a demo via webinar.

3DS 2.0 Expands Card-Not-Present Fraud Protection to Mobile Payments

EMVCo 3DSecure 2.0Fifteen years ago, Verified by Visa was introduced as an additional security layer to protect online merchants, card holders and card issuers against online fraud. Today, each of the major card brands has its own 3D Secure (3DS) solution. While proven effective at reducing card-not-present fraud, 3DS has not been widely adopted by online merchants in the U.S. According to the “Annual Fraud Benchmark Report: North America Edition 2016” from CyberSource, only 23 percent of online merchants surveyed currently use 3DS as a fraud prevention tool.

That same survey also found that when it comes to employing fraud prevention tools, 3DS is the one most considered, with 20 percent planning new 3DS implementations. Why the increased interest? Up until October, merchants may have felt the fraud prevention provided by 3DS did not outweigh the customer inconvenience and possible lost sales. Requiring a cardholder to register a card, remember and enter a password — and/or wait for an SMS message with an authorization code — could lead to increased cart abandonment, with customers choosing to purchase elsewhere. The U.S. introduction of EMV “chip” cards, which are almost impossible to counterfeit, is one of several events causing fraudsters to shift their focus to online vulnerabilities, thus increasing the need for more detection and prevention. You can read more about the overall increase in online fraud here.

3DS may be the best solution to prevent card-not-present fraud on transactions made in an online browser, but what about mobile payments? Consider just a few mobile payment statistics and projections:

  • By November 2016, 42 percent of e-commerce purchases will come from mobile devices. – Bizrate Insights
  • In 2016, 51.8% of travelers who book trips via digital means will do so using a mobile device; in 2017, it will be 59.2 percent. — eMarketer
  • 48 percent prefer paying by phone as opposed to cash or credit card. – Chase survey of 1,500 adults
  •  Almost half of retailers say that (up to) 50 percent of their web sales come directly from purchases consumers made on apps. – Urban Airship (UK)

As more and more payments are made via mobile device — whether in-app, on a mobile website or as a digital wallet —the need to prevent card-not-present fraud extends beyond purchases made using an online browser. That’s why EMVCo was selected in November to advance and manage 3DS 2.0, an effort to expand card-not-present fraud prevention to mobile payments without affecting the user experience.

As a technical associate of EMVCo, mSIGNIA is contributing our experience and technology to help develop 3DS 2.0 specifications to support mobile payment fraud prevention while providing a more intuitive customer experience to encourage adoption. We recently joined payment industry stakeholders in Copenhagen for the EMV Users Meeting and two-day 3DS 2.0 workshop where we reviewed the initial draft of the mobile SDK final specifications. We will be in Shanghai in September to finalize the specifications, which are expected to be made available on a royalty-free basis to industry stakeholders in 4Q16.

The ultimate goal is to develop a safe, effective and user-friendly method to authenticate cardholders and reduce fraud and its related costs on any payment channel. We’ll provide more updates; in the meantime, you can learn more about EMVCo’s work on 3DS 2.0 by visiting their website.

Opinion: Online fraud is soaring—is there any stopping it?

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mSIGNIA Nominated for 2016 CNP Awards!

Nashville, 2016-CNP-Awards-Logo-msigniaTN – March 31, 2016 – mSIGNIA has been nominated for a CardNotPresent (CNP) Award in the Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution category, a new category for 2016. Nominees in this category represent providers or solutions that most effectively authenticate and verify the identity of cardholders in a CNP environment through directory services, two-factor authentication, 3DSecure or other means.

We are one of more than 60 companies nominated in 12 categories. Winners will be announced at CNP Expo May 23-26 in Orlando. Each category will have two winners: a Judges’ Choice and a Customer Choice. Customer Choice voting is open here until April 1.

CNP Expo is billed as the only conference and exhibition dedicated to the intersection of payment acceptance and e-commerce. It is presented by, an independent voice generating original news, information, education and inspiration for and about the companies and people operating in the card-not-present space.

Paul Miller on the Evolution of the Mobile Payments Market

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