Why is EMV 3-D Secure So Important?

EMVCo® is the payment industry’s standards body responsible for securing in-person payments using a chipcard and online payments using 3-D Secure.   The ‘big new’ in in the 2nd version of 3DS is payments made within a mobile app; the ‘big fix’ is a frictionless consumer experience.

mSIGNIA joined EMVCo in 2015 to help create the 3DS version 2 specification, or EMV 3DS®, and was elected by other Technical Associates two years later to act as a technical advisor to the EMVCo Board, which includes American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, Mastercard®, UnionPay® and Visa®.

mSIGNIA was the first security company to release an iOS® and Android® mobile security SDK, as such mSIGNIA’s SDK and products were part of the initial EMV 3DS compliancy tests.  mSIGNIA’s 7th generation SDKs for iOS, Android and browsers are EMVCo certified ‘universal’ SDKs (uSDKs); enabling merchants to integrate a single SDK into their website, iOS app or Android app and support the data requirements of advanced concepts like the SCA compliance or choice of credit or debit processing.

mSIGNIA updated its own uSDK manager using the concepts of a split SDK server in 3DS v2.3 to create a Client API, or cAPI, which simplifies merchant integration and enables any trusted third party (TTP) to request data from uSDKs.

mSIGNIA provides a complete, balanced, mobile-first and data-ready EMV 3DS solution that is certified compliant with version 2.2 and all available payment network extensions like those from Visa® and Mastercard®.

mSIGNIA is working with FIDO, EMVCo, and W3C to expand their standards efforts to embrace and include the Client API and Universal SDK (cAPI + uSDK) standards which continue to support and advance each standard’s adoption.

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