mSIGNIA Receives Patent for Digital Biometrics™

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – May 2, 2016 – mSIGNIA, the inventor of digital biometric technology and a leader in frictionless user authentication, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,294,448 covering digital biometric technology. This is an extension of mSIGNIA’s previous US Patent 8,817,984 on cryptographic security functions based on anticipated changes in dynamic minutiae.

mSIGNIA’s privacy-compliant technology analyzes a user’s data and how it changes. This user data — such as music, contacts and calendar — is synchronized across the various devices a user may have.  Because user data is independent of a device, it is less a device fingerprint and more a digital biometric that represents the user. A user’s digital biometric can even be verified when the user gets a new device; this combats malicious account takeover which can lead to fraud and an invasion of a user’s privacy.

Verify users with digital biometric technology

“The combination of the data a user amasses and the way their behavior changes that data, is a new and innovative way to recognize the user,” said Paul Miller, CEO of mSIGNIA. “When online services use mSIGNIA’s digital biometric platform as the first method of authentication, it reduces the need for other authentication methods that can disrupt the user experience.”

Financial services companies, ecommerce and online service providers, including corporate IT departments, are switching to multi-factor authentication. Today, that often includes using a device’s serial number or a user’s fingerprint; when these are not available, the online service must revert to awkward login processes like passwords or codes sent via an SMS message. mSIGNIA’s digital biometric provides a reliable, invisible recognition of the user so online services do not have to sacrifice confidence for customer convenience.


mSIGNIA provides safe, customer-friendly authentication using patented data analytics that can recognize a user by their data, or digital biometric, across any device including new devices. The mSIGNIA iDNA platform provides online services with a privacy-compliant digital biometric and sophisticated mobile app security to identify users, recognize devices and reduce fraud, all while improving the customer experience. mSIGNIA is a technical associate of the FIDO Alliance and EMVCo.

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