iDNA – A New Standard of Secure Authentication

mSIGNIA offers easy and safe authentication whether users are logging in from a PC, tablet or smartphone

Passwords are hard to remember and easy to hack; that makes them an unreliable authentication method on their own. Two-factor and multi-factor authentication improves security, but interrupts the user experience. In addition, the most widely-used factor, SMS OTP, has been debased by NIST as insecure. There needs to be a better way to reliable authenticate users without adding friction.

mSIGNIA recognizes a user by their digital biometric, a patented, invisible enhancement to passwords that passively uses data analytics to recognize the user and their smartphone as a second authentication factor — all without any user effort whether they’re accessing an account with an online browser or via a mobile app.

Ultimately, mSIGNIA enables a user on any device to tap an app and begin to engage with no friction, no hassle and no worry.


Available for PCs, iOS and Android devices, mSIGNIA’s SDK provides secure, financial-grade authentication methods based on patented digital biometrics.

mSIGNIA’s patented platform was designed specifically to secure mobile apps, with both the end user and the app creator in mind. The result is a frictionless user experience, on any device, that can reduce the reliance on passwords and passively deliver true end-to-end protection to reduce cyber risks like identity theft and fraud.

DIGITAL BIOMETRIC simplifies the user experience and combats fraud by providing:

  • Device recognition enhanced by validating thousands of user-added data points.
  • Easy customer enrollment that recognizes a returning user instantly.

APP-POINT PROTECTION establishes a trustworthy connection between a client and a web service by providing:

  • Real-time detection for iOS and Android compromise by malware.
  • App integrity detects rogue apps.
  • Emulator detection eliminates automated bots.
  • Reliable device reputation to combat fraud by defending against man-in-the-middle attacks from account takeover.

3D Secure 2.0 SDK

Enables payment card issuers and 3DS providers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively integrate new EMVCo specifications into their own applications.

As an EMVCo Elected Board Member and Technical Associate, mSIGNIA now offers a 3D Secure 2.0 SDK. mSIGNIA’s 3DS 2.0 SDK meets EMVCo’s draft specifications to make mobile payments more secure without disrupting the customer experience. Available now, our SDK will enable merchant service providers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively integrate mobile specifications into their own applications just in time for the 2018 rollout.


  • A hybrid solution that supports both 3DS 1.0 and 2.0
  • Thousands of data points for more consistent device identities
  • Enhanced 3DS data exchanges to score data earlier and faster
  • Additional 2-factor methods like associated push

mSIGNIA is grounded in mobile identity and security, and we understand the challenges that issuers and 3DS providers may face when reconfiguring current specifications to adapt to the mobile payments environment. Our SDK is a quicker-to-market, more cost-effective solution than building your own solution. Contact us today for a demo and pricing information so you can be in-market with a compliant, fully-extended SDK when the final specifications are rolled out in 2019.