mSIGNIA Products

mSIGNIA provides a single payment solution that is compliant with EMV 3DS version 2.2, Europe’s PSD2 SCA, and soon FIDO and W3C.

Products are designed with enhancements to EMV 3DS which ensure more transactions are approved without interruptions like challenges and out-of-band exchanges that cause cart abandonment.

Some mSIGNIA products highlights…

  • Only product that is compliant with EMV 3DS v2.2 and PSD2 SCA (no step-up interruptions, not just processing extensions)
  • 1st vendor with a complete certified compliant merchant solution for the latest EMV 3DS v2.2 spec
  • Most advanced EMV 3DS SDKs available that work with your EMV 3DS Server
  • Payment Simulator enables the payment industry (including merchants, payment service providers, acquirers, delegated authenticators, payment networks, and issuers) to test their 3DS products in an end-to-end compliance sandbox
  • mSIGNIA’s EMV 3DS products are used by 2 of the 4 US credit card companies, 3 of the 10 largest payment providers, several banks, and leading 3DS technology providers to ensure their overall solution is best-in-market
  • In spite of COVID global delays, mSIGNIA has tripled the number of companies using our EMV 3DS products.

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