We’re in the Zone! The FIDO Alliance Security Tech Zone at TRANSACT 16, that is.

Nashville, TN – April 5, 2016 – mSIGNIA will demonstrate its patented authentication solution in the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance Security Tech Zone at TRANSACT 16, a leading payments technology event April 19-21 in Las Vegas. FIDO is spearheading the movement towards reducing reliance on passwords to enhance the user experience and improve security.

“We’rTRANSACT16e looking forward to participating in this event and demonstrating how users can safely and easily transact on any device, without having to remember a password or going through a complicated login procedure,” says Paul Miller, CEO of mSIGNIA. “With iDNA, our patented digital biometric authentication solution, data that a user stores on their smartphone is analyzed over time, not just when it is entered, so that the user is recognized across any of their devices, including new ones.”

The FIDO Alliance is an industry consortium transforming online authentication with standards-based specifications. Its members are committed to sharing technology and to collaborate on delivering open specifications for universal authentication methods that are interoperable, more secure and private, and easier to use. mSIGNIA joined the FIDO Alliance in December 2015.

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