3-D Secure v2.2 and PSD2 SCA Compliance in One Product

EMV 3-D Secure provides the best-defined, most widely deployed ‘rails’ which enable authentication data to be transferred from the consumer / merchant domain to a Trusted Third Party (TTP) risk scoring domain.  3DS is all but mandated in the European Banking Authority’s opinion on PSDS Strong Consumer Authentication (PSD2 SCA).

However, EMV 3DS does not exchange the data required for SCA compliance on the initial transaction exchange, so;

Consumers conducting remote payments in markets requiring strong authentication (i.e., Europe, India, and others) are being challenged to provide additional data after they emotionally buy the product by hitting the ‘Buy’ button in 98% of transactions!

Only mSIGNIA goes beyond EMV 3DS v2.2 SCA exceptions to enable SCA compliance performed as part of the 3DS frictionless transaction flow; disruptive step-ups that cause cart abandonment or out-of-band efforts in the issuer’s mobile app are not required

mSIGNIA provides a single product that is certified compliant with both EMV 3DS v2.2 and PSD2 SCA.  The patent-pending Client API (cAPI) and Universal SDKs (uSDK) include EMV 3DS compliant extensions that enhance data management capabilities and exchange over existing 3DS data rails to enable true SCA compliance, not just SCA exemption handling.

Merchants get an easy, single integration that complies with EMV 3DS, SCA, and soon FIDO, W3C, and other identity and payment standards.

TTPs (such as Issuers, Delegated Authenticators, FIDO Reliant Parties, and Risk Engines) get the data they require to be 3DS and SCA compliant.  They can request dynamic device ID, behavioral biometric data, fingerprints, and facial biometrics data be included with the 3DS data sent in initial, frictionless transaction exchange.  So, no step-ups, out-of-band data requests, nor other consumer interruptions are required.

cAPI Data Instructions provide trust and transparency for TTP data being collected from consumers and their devices when shopping within a merchant storefront.

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