A New Framework… a Client API and Universal SDKs

There is a convergence occurring between payment, identity, and privacy technology standards which is causing industry confusion, delaying adoption, and damaging the consumer experience.

Ultimately, the various efforts shown in mSIGNIA’s defined Innovation Arc will yield a Secure Connected Commerce (SCC) experience which unifies safe, easy, private, multi-factor authenticated payments using the same methods whether the transaction is done face-to-face or remote.

However, today’s goal of a frictionless consumer experience is being lost as the chaotic, ad hoc rollouts of EMV 3-D Secure (3DS), PSD2 Strong Consumer Authentication (SCA, which includes behavioral biometrics and dynamic device identifiers), FIDO, and EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) are being brought to market.

Consumers conducting online payments in markets requiring strong authentication (i.e., Europe, India, and others) are being challenged to provide additional data after they emotionally buy the product by hitting the ‘Buy’ button in 98% of transactions!

In the following pages, mSIGNIA offers our current implementation of a Client API (cAPI) and Universal SDK (uSDK) functionality as an initial candidate for industry standardization.

mSIGNIA originally submitted a client API (or cAPI) proposal for standardization to EMVCo, W3C, and FIDO in May 2021.

mSIGNIA can demonstrate our operational system to interested parties. While much of the design is patent pending protected by mSIGNIA, should such a cAPI + uSDK standard be created, mSIGNIA would work to donate this IP to the appropriate standards organization.