The recognition of data’s value has become a contest of comparisons; “Data is the new oil” (Clive Humby), without it “you are blind and deaf” (Geoffrey Moore).  Generally, “In God we trust, all others bring data” (W. Edwards Deming).

Simply put:  Data is Everything.

Getting the right data to the parties that require it is data-as-a-service (“DaaS”).

Data drives innovations in risk management, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Complex requirements like transaction risk and user authentication break down to the data collected for analysis.

For transaction risk and consumer authentication, much of this data must be collected from the consumer and their internet device.  Interestingly, authentication data is the one action that cannot be performed in the cloud; it must be done at the edge, on the consumer’s device.

mSIGNIA understands data is everything.  We have an international patent portfolio protecting the invention of Digital Biometrics that considers four times the data currently used in the EMV 3DS version 2.2 specification.

mSIGNIA’s SDK for Digital Biometric data collection was the genesis for the universal SDK (uSDK) that can instructed via the Client API (cAPI) to collect whatever data a risk scoring engine requires.  Various risk scoring engines exist for transactions, device recognition, and behavioral biometrics … they all need their required data.  Learn more about how mSIGNIA is working to standardize cAPI and uSDK.

mSIGNIA’s cAPI and uSDK allow Trusted Third Parties (TTPs including Issuers, Delegated Authenticators, FIDO Reliant Parties, Risk Scores, etc.) to request data from the consumer’s device – transaction data, device tokens, challenge-and-response exchanges, behavioral biometric data, whatever – and send that data over EMV 3DS rails so TTPs can score it.

cAPI and uSDKs provide Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) so TTPs get the data required so more valid transactions are approved and less fraud occurs… all with a better consumer experience.

If data is the economy’s ‘New Oil’, then mSIGNIA’s cAPI and uSDKs are the wells and pipelines which provide client and risk data from the Internet of Things to the Cloud. The right data is everything and services value DaaS to enable and improve their business.