mSIGNIA’s Innovation Arc

mSIGNIA is often asked about the relationship between EMV 3DS, PSD2 SCA, W3C, FIDO, and SRC.  We have defined the following ‘Innovation Arc’ (shown below) to strategically align various payment, identity, and privacy roadmaps; ultimately yielding the unified concept of Secure Connected Commerce (SCC).

The general premise is that the card-present domain is becoming increasingly connected as demonstrated by QR codes and EMVCo’s recent task forces for Wireless and Tap-to-Mobile.  At the same time, consumer’s devices are increasingly becoming more trusted, some even to the level of an EMV chip card.

It seems inevitable, then, that in-person and remote payment technologies will converge under a ‘connected’ payment concept.  Such a concept would naturally embrace and extend current market trends around authentication and privacy.

mSIGNIA uses the unification narrative of Secure Connected Commerce to enable an industry-wide migration path for 3DS + SCA + W3C + FIDO + SRC + GDPR customer efforts.

Already, EMVCo, FIDO, and W3C are jointly working to align related payment and authentication efforts.  Privacy represents a recommended liaison opportunity which helps to build good-will and consumer credibility in today’s world.

mSIGNIA is proud to be a leader in guiding these global standards.

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