3-D Secure Split SDKs

Discover how you can add certified 3DS SDKs to complete your 3DS Server offering and make secure payments easier for you and your Merchants

icon SDKweb2

Easy Web SDK Mode

Give Merchants a single checkout framework for browsers (big + small), apps (iOS + Android) and even the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Next Gen Split SDKs

EMV 3DS v2.3.1.1 ready Split SDK Client + Server architecture; a better managed, easier 3DS checkout available... NOW!

icon uSDK

Universal SDK Mode

More than 3DS certified, uSDKs enable custom data collection for advanced authentication (FIDO + Behavioral biometrics)

Split SDK Pie

Split SDK Client

Perfect Size, Easy to Maintain

  • EMV 3DS Split SDK spec moved 3 of 7 SDK functions to the SDK Server
  • mSIGNIA enhanced the Split design using a Download SDK, moving all but 1 function to the cloud
  • Split SDK Client's sole purpose is to Exchange Authentication Data with the cloud
    • Authentication data MUST come from the client, everything should be in the cloud
    • Splits are the new digital identity token!
  • Split SDK Client is much smaller than 3DS Default iOS & Android SDKs (30Kb vs 1Mb)... Less code to test, Less likely to have bugs, Fewer Updates!
  • Splits can operate in constrained environments like gaming, speaker, and IoT
  • Easier to maintain… changes in Download SDK + SDK Server do not require merchant to re-release their app or update their website

1 Checkout Method


  • Same integration for iOS, Android + Browser
  • No 3DS, FIDO or other protocol expertise required… data is the new interface
  • Fewer Client updates + releases = less support
  • Issuers can also use the same Split SDK in their banking app ... easy 3DS Bridging Message Extension support

Easy as 1, 2, 3


  • Same Split SDK Client for Web, Split + Universal SDK modes
  • Add functionality and migrate customers whenever you are ready
  • Web Mode enables iOS + Android checkouts through a dynamic browser session, no changes by the PSP required
  • Splits is v2.3x certification ready
  • Universal SDKs enable advanced authentication features like FIDO + device tagging

Certified 3DS SDKs in Your Brand


  • Split SDK Clients can be branded by you and made freely available to your merchants
  • Split SDK Server can also be branded by you and typically runs at your site, usually alongside your 3DS Server
  • Split SDK Server manages clients and has an API for exchanges with your 3DS Server
  • Make vs Buy - cheaper, easier, and faster than doing the design, code, testing, and certification yourself

1 SDK, not 5


  • 1 SDK for 3DS, W3C/FIDO/WebAuthn, device ID, behavioral biometrics, and more
  • Issuers + Trusted 3rd Parties can send instructions through existing 3DS exchanges to select which authentication data to use; stops 'iFrame hijacking'
  • Eliminates step-ups, delays, and interruptions for 2-Factor Authentication (i.e., SCA)
  • Manages 3rd party browser origins to enhance crypto key management and solve browser data blocking of device tags
  • Faster checkout over first exchange, not 5th

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