Our Payment Industry Customers

Easy, safe payments require

  • Authentication and payment data collected during the merchant’s checkout experience and
  • Risk scoring required to approve and guarantee the transaction against fraud.

The right risk data collected within the merchant environment enables a frictionless consumer payment experience, SCA compliance, and guaranteed payment; incomplete data triggers interruptions like step-up authentication which cause cart abandonment.

3-D Secure is the best global standard for exchanging data between the merchant and payment domains.  FIDO is the best global standard for authentication like that required by PSD2 SCA and W3C. mSIGNIA…

  • Is a leader in EMV 3DS standards development
  • Was the first to certify a complete merchant solution for the latest EMV 3DS spec
  • Has integrated EMV 3DS, PSD2 SCA, W3C, and FIDO compliance into a single solution

mSIGNIA is the only 3DS technology provider that

  • Enables SCA compliance – without challenges, not just exemptions – for issuers and delegated authentication providers
  • Simplifies merchant integration through a patent-pending Client API (cAPI) and Universal SDKs (uSDKs)
  • Allows issuers and delegated auth providers to specify and get the risk data they require within existing 3DS data exchanges
  • Sells its certified, white-labeled SDKs separately so the 80% of 3DS merchant tech providers who do not have certified SDKs can offer their merchants a complete, easy to use, best-in-class solution that supports SCA

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mSIGNIA is a payment innovator with over 20 patents, not a payment service provider.  Our products and services are more than just compliant with EMV 3DS, SCA, and FIDO; they enable the payment ecosystem to offer merchants easy, frictionless transactions and trusted third parties (TTPs like issuers, Delegated Authenticators, FIDO Reliant Parties, and Risk Engines) compliance with SCA and FIDO using existing EMV 3DS data exchanges.

Enabling migration between 3DS, SCA, FIDO, and beyond

A New Standard for Easy, Flexible, Safe Payment Enablement

3DS + SCA Compliance with no UX disruptions

White Label Make vs Buy to be in Market NOW

End-to-End Payment Testing for 3DS, SCA, and FIDO