Our Payment Industry Customers

There are only 68 companies with certified products for the latest EMV 3DS version 2.2 (all certification data is as of 21 October 2020).  Of those, only 11 have certified iOS and Android SDKs and – from that list – only 5 also certified v2.1 SDKs.

mSIGNIA is one of those 5 and the only company to

  • Sell its certified, white-labeled SDKs separate from a 3DS Server, so the 80% of companies with a certified 3DS Server but no SDKs can complete their 3DS merchant offering with SDKs under their brand
  • Enhance its SDKs with added authentication data carried over compliant 3DS rails so transactions can comply with SCA… not just try to be exempt from SCA

mSIGNIA was the first complete EMV 3DS v2.2 certified merchant solution; pairing a v2.2 certified 3DS Server with its SDKs.  mSIGNIA’s 3DS Server can be branded and run on-premise for PSPs and Acquirers needing a complete EMV 3DS v2.2 merchant solution that is enhanced for SCA compliance.

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